For diligent individuals

You’ve got an idea and want to build up your team which consists of like-minded people, in a way that you can afford? well, Sarir Startup Land is the place. Simply book your desk here and engage in the dynamic as well as the cozy atmosphere of the Sarirland coworking space.

For soaring teams

You’ve found your ideal team members and maybe released your MVP? Now it’s time to be more conspicuous while you’re expanding your team and product. Join Sarir Startup land so as to be exposed to our network of investors and partners and moreover, be provided with Sarirland accelerator’s spectacular facilities for prominent teams.

For wise companies

As a CEO or business owner, you’re thinking of developing your business or overcoming a challenge by constituting an R&D team? Well, stop right there! We have served many big companies in different industries by holding world-class Reverse Pitches which makes you needless of making your company’s body more extensive. We can formulate your problem, propagate it in the startup ecosystem and knowledge centers like universities and find the best teams which you can take advantage of or somehow cooperate.


Startup teams were served here


Ambitious entrepreneurs worked here


Square meters dedicated to the innovation


Companies joined our network of open innovation

Co-working Space

Our co-working space is the greatest co-working space in Iran with the capacity of 120 single desks all of which are modular and can be congregated for teams with numerous members in a flexible way. All the teams have access to the conference hall, various meeting rooms, playrooms, and whatever a hardworking team needs in order to reach their dream goals.


Talented and promising teams commensurate to out partners field of investment will be selected for our 6 months accelerating program in which they will be provided with state of the art facilities and highest amount of seed money in the whole nation’s ecosystem. Our first round outcome is Dongi Pal team which is a fintech startup with a progressive number of users.

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